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World Record Book

View results of the most unusual games played online. Some of the games included in this record book date back to 1996.

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Who plays most?

Ever wondered how severe your Tantrix addiction is? This table ranks players by the total number of games played.

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How the Rankings work

For the mathematically minded, or the curious - find out in more detail how the ranking formulas work.

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Tantrix Popularity

How popular is Tantrix in your country? This table compares the per capita % of Tantrix players for countries with at least 3 active online players.

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Monthly Ranking

The Monthly ranking records all activity during any given month and is reset on the first day of each subsequent month. Players start off at 700 points. After each completed game your ranking goes up or down depending on:
  • The size of your win or loss.
  • Your current rank and the rank of your opponent.
  • The type of game (human or Robot).

For example, a highly ranked player who defeats a lowly ranked player will move up very little. In the reverse situation, a lowly ranked player who wins against a highly ranked player would move a long way up. Only the top 100 positions of the ranking are shown but the system keeps the position of all players.
Alltime Ranking

The Alltime ranking is similar to the Monthly ranking, however it doesn't ever get reset. A new player starts off at 500 points. Players who go for 3 months or longer without playing will be moved to a retired list, yet their account remains active, just invisible. They can resume playing under their old name anytime and will re-appear in the ranking without having lost any points. Only completed games count. The movement depends on the same factors as for the Monthly ranking. Again, the top 100 positions of the ranking are shown, but the system keeps the position of all players.
Master Ranking

The best 100 online players are known as Tantrix Masters. Master players may choose to play Master games only against other Masters. To apply for this title you will first have to reach a rank of 950 in the Alltime ranking. Other criteria apply too, please see how to qualify as a Master for more details. The Master ranking is a good indication of a player's strength, along with their ELO rating. As a new Master you will start with a rank of 1000.

Doubles Ranking

The Doubles ranking exclusively processes the results of Doubles games. In a Doubles game, two players form a team, who then plays against another team - a four player version of Tantrix with a significantly reduced luck factor. New players start off at 500 points. It's not possible to include Robot as a player, however Robot can take over for a crashed player.
National League

The National League automatically selects the 3 best players from each country and ranks the total of their monthly scores. This effectively shows which country has the best players for the current month.

The Robot Challenge

In challenge games, the sequence of tiles is always the same, so you can plan the game based on perfect knowledge of what tiles will be available next. Except for the fixed tile order, play is the same as in regular games, but there is no change in your ranking (win or lose), and no penalty for quitting a game early. The challenge is to beat the Robot by the largest possible margin. You can use review rooms to replay challenge games and plot a strategy to get a better outcome. A new Robot challenge is started every month. The overall results of current and past challenges can be viewed.

Tantrix Tournaments

Apart from the World Championship which starts in September each year, there are many other online tournaments, including World Junior Championships, Blitz competitions and National Championships for most of the top rated countries. There are also an increasing number of table tournaments, generally known as Tantrix Open's. The most prestigious of these attract the world's top players.

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