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Current and future records

All records below are from genuine, ranked games and reflect the strangest, best or worst results from millions of online games played since 1996. This page is not updated automatically, so if you think you have set a new record, please send us an email listing all relevant information, including the "Game saved" line and the record category. We will review your game and update the record if applicable. Do not submit games where the record was chased rather than the best possible margin. Play to win, and if the game is truly amazing, then fame will be yours.

Submitting new records:

  • You will need to better a previous record - just equalling it is not enough.
  • Only games which affect your ranking count (no unranked games).
  • Only naturally occurring, genuine games count.

  • Game Server Statistics

    Highest number of "player games" played (in 1 month)
    (Human game = 2 player games, Robot game = 1 player game)
    70,960 gamesJanuary, 2005
    Highest number of active players (one month period)
    (Distinct players who have completed at least one game)
    1501 playersJanuary, 2005
    Highest number of players in the lobby (simultaneously)89 playersFebruary, 2008

    Lobby game records

    Most games played in totalOver 100,000 gamesOthello Since December, 2000
    Highest total of different opponents1345 opponentsyare Since May, 2003
    Most games played over one month1631 gamesyare June, 2003
    Best improvement over one month+440 pointsErikkh22 July, 2009
    Best win % over one month (Top 10)90 %Ragnar September, 2000
    1st player to reach 1000 pointsAlltime RankingsPepe April, 2000
    1st player to reach 1000 pointsMonthly RankingsScarab May, 2001
    1st player to reach 1000 pointsRobot challengeYoseph November, 2002
    1st player to win 1000 MGsMaster RankingsFear August, 2004
    Most tiles played in one turn33 tilesShunter-Pellepen February, 2009
    Best underdog victory (against a Master)41 pointsFraufuchs-VoogelScore: 15-56
    Biggest loop76 pointsBee2-antdav Score: 76-30
    Biggest loop-within-loop (same colour)10 pointsBrainless-robin Score: 34-21
    Fastest win against another player37 secPurkiss-zsazsa Score: 32-22
    Longest line42 pointsTommG-debs Score: 42-18
    Highest winning margin55 pointsotter4way-luck2110 Score: 13-68
    Best defence5 pointsSpirit-Igor85 Score: 5-26
    Lowest winning score9 pointstaita-MarcAB Score: 9-8
    Highest losing score54 pointsNAK-sutyi Score: 54-58
    Highest aggregate (Combined points)114 pointsBirdman-badger Score 66-48
    Lowest aggregate (Combined points)16 pointsSoqquadro-YanM Score 7-9
    Highest scoring draw54 pointsPickle-HotLips Score: 54-54
    Lowest scoring draw9 pointsNica-Othello Score: 9-9

    Master game records

    Highest Master ranking3164 points PekkoJanuary, 2004
    Youngest player to become a Master8 years, 10 months MarkusAJanuary, 2004
    Most tiles played in one turn33 tilesShunter-Pellepen February, 2009
    Fastest win against another Master56 sec Purkiss-RetroScore: 16-14
    Longest line39 pointsgulu-otaca16Score: 30-39
    Biggest loop68 points NiklasA-1kornik21Score: 68-34
    Highest winning margin48 points egmaria-blickScore: 62-14
    Lowest losing score6 points NeilJ-zumimaciScore: 8-6
    Lowest winning score8 points NeilJ-zumimaciScore: 8-6
    Lowest aggregate (Combined points)14 points NeilJ-zumimaciScore 8-6
    Highest aggregate (Combined points)106 points Helly-albicolonScore 56-50
    Highest scoring draw42 points Brett-PekkoScore: 42-42
    Lowest scoring draw8 points otaca16-TrondoneScore: 8-8

    Robot game records

    Most games played over one month33.172 games RobotJanuary, 2004
    Best win % over one month56 % RobotDecember, 1999
    Most # of tiles played in one turn32 tiles Sirpi-RobotMay, 2004
    Earliest last free moveMove 27Zormac-Robot July, 2005
    Most elongated game22 tiles wide Mikem-GoodbotOctober, 2010
    Fastest win against Robot28 sec WilHunting-RobotNovember, 2002
    Highest winning margin (Robot wins)52 points Puddleglum-RobotScore: 20-72
    Highest winning margin (Player wins)60 points SiRPi-RobotScore: 76-16
    Biggest loop (Player wins)76 points SiRPi-RobotScore: 76-16
    Biggest loop (Robot wins)72 points Puddleglum-RobotScore: 20-72
    Longest line (Player wins)42 points aerin-RobotScore: 42-26
    Longest line (Robot wins)31 points Robot-brettScore: 31-16
    Lowest losing score (Robot wins)5 points Pekko-RobotScore: 5-12
    Lowest losing score (Player wins)6 points skweeki-GoodbotScore: 19-6
    Lowest winning score (Robot wins)8 points Katti-RobotScore: 6-8
    Lowest winning score (Player wins)8 points Seadragon-OliverScore: 8-6
    Highest losing score (Player wins)64 points hernandz99-RobotScore: 66-64
    Highest losing score (Robot wins)40 points Scoop-RobotScore: 40-44
    Highest aggregate (Combined points)130 points hernandz99-RobotScore 66-64
    Lowest aggregate (Combined points)14 points Katti-RobotScore 6-8
    Highest scoring draw50 points MrTwister-RobotScore: 50-50
    Lowest scoring draw7 points Puddleglum-RobotScore: 7-7

    Doubles game records

    Biggest loop64 points Zormac/Frogzone1-Othello/ZephyrScore: 64-27
    Lowest winning score13 points tizz88/lilalu-Zorpolotta/cheekymbkScore: 13-8
    Lowest losing score8 points Scruffy/Eratos-Kasty/OthelloScore: 8-24
    Highest aggregate (Combined points)91 points Zormac/Frogzone1-Othello/ZephyrScore 64-27
    Lowest aggregate (Combined points)21 points tizz88/lilalu-Zorpolotta/cheekymbkScore 13-8

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