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Java required

Tantrix is written in Java, which means you will need to have Java installed on your desktop to play Tantrix online. With a bit of luck, everything is already set up and no tweaking is required. If you tried to load Tantrix but the lobby never popped up, then most likely Java is missing or not configured correctly. Or your browser is incompatible.

The phrase "Java appears to be working on your PC" should be scrolling along above the line below. If it's there, then your Java is working fine. If not, click here. The page you are taken to will automatically test to see if you are running Java and what version is installed. If it is missing or outdated, follow the instructions given. Sometimes this is not successful, then follow the instructions below using "Java web start".

Java Web Start

Some browsers no longer support Java. To check if this is your problem, click here.

This link will launch Java directly, and will leave a desktop icon you can use next time. A "jnlp" file will be downloaded automatically, which you may need to authorise to be executed. If you prefer to launch Java from your browser, we recommend you use Firefox. Either way, you will need to have Java installed and configured.

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices do not support Java. Instead you can use specific Tantrix apps for both Android and iOS. You'd want a tablet-size screen to play Tantrix, but if you just want to spectate on games in progress, phones are ok. The smarter Robots remain exclusively available for PCs, since mobile devices generally lack sufficient processing power.
 Android App     iOS App   

General maintenance

We recommend you occasionally clear your browser cache. This will force the browser to load the latest versions of web pages and programs. By doing so, it will get rid of problems caused by stale or corrupt files lingering in your cache. It is also a prudent measure to close and reload your browser after a series of games, or even reboot your computer if it has shown "serious signs of deterioration". These measures will refresh your system and are particularly useful before playing important games, such as tournament matches.

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