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Java required

Tantrix is written in Java - to play Tantrix online, you need Java installed on your device. Hopefully it'll be set up already with no tweaking required. But if you tried to load Tantrix and the lobby never opened, then most likely Java is missing or not configured correctly. Click on the "Test Java" image to see which version you are running, if any. If it is missing or outdated, please follow the instructions.

Play now!

So Java is installed and yet you are having problems with the normal login? If Tantrix is a trusted source to you, then the most straight forward method to get into the lobby is to download:

and run it from your download location. Some browsers and anti-virus programs may try to prevent you from downloading it. Or they will send scary pop-ups warning you about the high risk involved. Well, the files are safe, and you'll be in good company if you decide to use any of them to enter the lobby.

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices do not support Java. You can use our apps for Android and iOS instead, but please bear in mind that Tantrix is primarily designed for PCs. The small screen size of mobiles is a problem, and they lack sufficient processing power to play the smarter Robots. You'd want at least a tablet-sized screen to play. To spectate on games in progress, phones are ok. To enjoy full functionality, use lap- or desktops.


General maintenance

We recommend you occasionally clear your browser and Java caches. This will force your PC to load the latest versions of web pages and programs. By doing so, it will get rid of problems caused by stale or corrupt files lingering in your cache. It is also a prudent measure to close and reload your browser after a series of games, or even reboot your computer if it has shown "serious signs of deterioration". These measures will refresh your system and are particularly useful before playing important games, such as tournament matches.

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