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The Multiplayer Game

We recommend you read the short introduction on how to play Tantrix online before either registering as a player or entering the lobby as a guest. You will need a Java enabled web browser to play. If you haven't registered yet, you can do this here. If you encounter problems, follow this link for advice on how to set up java on your machine and how to configure your browser correctly. If all else fails, send us an email with a description of the error and we'll do our best to help you solve the problem.
Guest Login

Guest logins are quick, perfect if you just want to have a look. You can play and spectate like any other player, but games do not count towards any rankings. Occasional and regular players are encouraged to register to get their own identity. Click the login button below and you will be sent straight into the lobby, just click OK or Login whenever the app asks you to.
Advantages of playing as a guest:
  • Quick and easy, no registration required
  • Games will not count towards any rankings
  • You will be anonymous in the lobby
Registered Player Login

If you have an account already, click the login button and fill out your details. Once confirmed, the lobby will start loading. The process may take a minute or two depending on the speed of your connection. Please be patient. For faster access in future, the app will leave a quick access button behind on your desktop and remember your details. Not registered yet? Do it here.

Problems logging in ?

If the above logins don't work for you, try the links below. You might be on a mobile device or your browser does not support Java. Don't despair! There are apps for both Android and iOS. The Java site will test if you have java installed. For mobiles: You'd want a tablet-size screen to actually play, but for spectating phones are ok. The smarter Robots remain exclusively available for PCs, since mobile devices generally lack sufficient processing power.

Player Details

  • View registration information
  • Recover a lost password
  • Change player details
  • Upload a picture
  • View playing statistics
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Solving Puzzles Online

One of the most popular puzzles - Tantrix Match - is available for online play at Shockwave.com. To play, you will need the latest Shockwave Player which is included in most modern browsers. If the player is not yet installed on your system, download it from Adobe's download page. It's free. Alternatively, you can play the Discovery Puzzles at Tantrix.com. You will need a java-enabled browser.

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