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Volunteer projects

Over the years, many skilled Tantrix players have donated their time to help improve this web site and develop new projects. If you would like to help too, there is likely to be a project "on offer" that suits your skills. Below is a listing and detailed description of projects currently planned.

We are seeking:
  • Assistant controllers for Tantrix tournaments
  • Player with graphics or web design skills
  • Player with sound Java or Perl skills
  • Participants for the "Battle of the Bots" challenge
  • Improvements to an existing iPad application
Assistant Controllers for Tournaments

Assistant Controllers, or "ACs" as they are usually known, are essential to the smooth running of Tantrix tournaments. We are always looking for volunteers to take on this role, which requires regular email access and good communication and problem-solving skills. A willingness to sacrifice a bit of popularity in the interests of fairness is also an important quality for any AC, but rest assured that players greatly appreciate the effort that ACs put in.

An AC will usually be responsible for 8 or 16 players in one or more sections of a tournament. Please note that you can play in a tournament as well as being one of the ACs for it. ACs responsibilities include:

  • Making sure that all your players know what they are supposed to be doing
  • Encouraging players to complete their matches on time, default them if it becomes clear that they are not going to
  • Sorting out day-to-day problems in your sections which involve scheduling or the rules
  • Reporting potential longer-term problems to the overall controller in good time

You will not be on your own - complex issues with the rules can be referred to the overall controller (OC). To be an AC in an international tournament, your english must be good, but if you come from a country where english is not the first language, and you can help players from your country whose english is not so strong, then so much the better!

Being an AC can be a stepping stone to becoming an OC for one of the major championships one day. The basic job of an AC should not take up more than a few minutes per day, though you can get more heavily involved if you decide you want to. So, if you have played in at least two Tantrix tournaments and you would like to be an AC, let us know.
Graphics and Web Design

We always have projects on the go related to graphic and web design. Do you have design skills and would like to help spice up the site? Then we'd like to hear from you. If you have designed a Tantrix image of your own, share it with us. If it fits the overall style and colour scheme of our site, we may include it somewhere. Real-life photos with a Tantrix angle are of interest too. To add a whole page of content to the site, we can provide a page template that can be used as a base design and later be placed on the server.
Java and Perl projects

JAVA: The interactive playing environment is written in Java and maintained single-handedly by Dave Dyer. Dave could do with some help at times, especially to implement improvements requested by players. You would need a lot of experience in Java programming and be prepared for a longterm involvement. However, you would have the freedom to choose the most interesting task from a list of proposed modifications and additions. This project would be of interest to somebody who loves playing Tantrix online and would enjoy influencing the implementation of new features. Examples of projects that players would like to see implimented can be found here.

PERL: A less committing task would be to write new, or modify existing Perl scripts. The scripts generally create html pages on demand to analyse, alter or present Tantrix data in interesting ways. The various ranking tables and the new player analysis feature are such examples. So if Perl is your cup of tea and you'd like to help with improvements in this area, get in touch.
The Battle of the Bots

The aim of this project is to design a Robot that plays better than the currently reigning lobby Robot. To succeed, you will need sound java skills and a bit of dedication. The project has its own web page where you can find the relevant details.
Tantrix on the iPad

The original application for Tantrix on the iPad was designed by Imre Fazekas in 2011. It has a robot that can play at differing levels, the ability to find and challenge your friends and is available in four different languages. We would love to have Apple savvy volunteers add more features and languages.
Tantrix as a business

Tantrix is currently sold in over 30 countries. However, we are still seeking agents in several countries not already covered. We are interested in talking to locally based, prospective new agents, especially if they are motivated and talented people who already know Tantrix well. Our business philosophy for spreading the fame of Tantrix is different. Instead of relying on large distributors who deal with major toy chains, Tantrix is marketed by independent and dedicated agents. If this sounds like you, then you are welcome to enquire about the process of translating and launching Tantrix in your country.

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