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Tantrix players are are an ecletic bunch of personalities, ranging from failed business tycoons to born-again game strategists, and it's not always easy to capture them on film. But we do have a few rare mug shots, and as we track down others, they'll be posted here. Famous or infamous!

So please send us your favourite photos and we'll add them to the picture sequence. We are also on the lookout for interesting snapshots of Tantrix being played in exotic locations, which can be used as part of a "They play our game here" campaign. If quality and size are good, we will use them for sure.

For those brave enough to meet Tantrix players in real life, there is probably a table tournament happening near you soon, or pick one held in a country you always wanted to visit...


Players in the news

Below is a selection of english language articles about members of the Tantrix community.

The World Champion: Blick
Attila Mikulán
Népszabadság (HUN) - by Kácsor Zsolt
Puzzle creator at top of his game
Mike McManaway
The Press (NZ) - by James Croot
Mind Game Became Way of Life
Mike McManaway
The Press (NZ) - by Tina Law
Inventor Breaks Online Losing Streak
Mike McManaway
New Zealand Herald (NZ) - by Matt Greenop
In shape to tangle with the best
Jason Oliver
Taranaki Daily News (NZ) - by Rob Maetzig
Grand master is no geek
Matt Peek
New Zealand Herald (NZ) - by Shelley Howells
Teenager's got right strategy
Eleanor Gordon
Sunderland Echo (UK)
Beaten by his own game
Jason Oliver
Nelson Mail (NZ) - by Rochelle West
Tantrix Champion belies his youth
Chris Hill
Gisborne Herald (NZ) - by Janelle Kirkland
Jamie on line for Tantrix crown
Jamie Sneddon
New Zealand Herald (NZ) - by Richard Pamatatau
Teen Masters tantalizing new game
Joe Ruby
Daily Item (US) - by Cindy Herman
Tantrix sects more fun online
Alex Kowalczyk
Echo News (AUS) - by Terra Sword

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