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Tantrix Gobble is a family game which is more about speed than strategy. It suits fast, rather than deep thinkers and is a fun introduction for younger players who find the tactics and restrictions of Tantrix Strategy a bit overwhelming. The optimum number of players will depend on how much chaos you can take - more than 4 players, and elbows definitely become a factor!

For 1 to 6 players, 56 tiles, Ages 5+, Average duration: 10 minutes.
  • Players race against each other to add all their tiles to the Tantrix.
  • Players may only add tiles which touch at least two tiles already played.
  • Players are rewarded for filling gobbles! To fill a gobble, add a tile to the Tantrix which touches at least three other tiles.


  • A space surrounded by three tiles is called a Gobble.
  • When a player plays a tile in a gobble space which correctly matches all three colours they yell, "Gobble!" and
    offload one tile to any opponenent.
  • A space surrounded by four tiles is a double gobble. If a player successfully fills one of these, they yell,
    "Double Gobble!" and are allowed to give away two tiles. They may give one tile to two different opponents or
    two tiles to the same opponent.


  1. Place any two tiles together in the middle of the table with all their colours matching.
  2. The remaining tiles are shared unequally between the players, the best players should take more.
  3. Players take any tile and try to connect it to the Tantrix. There are no turns! Players have to place all their tiles as quickly as possible.
  4. Tiles can only be connected to the Tantrix if they touch at least two other tiles and all touching colours are matching.
  5. When a tile is gobbled, the player shouts “Gobble!” and offloads one tile to any opponent.
  6. Players should shout “OUT!” as they play their last tile and the first player out wins. Other players should continue until all finish.

  1. Begin with all 56 tiles in the bag. Take two tiles at random and place them together in the middle of the table with colours matching.
  2. Continue taking one tile at a time from the bag and joining it to the Tantrix on the table.
  3. Joining tiles must always touch at least two other tiles and all touching colours must match.
  4. If a tile can not be added to the Tantrix, it must be placed face up on the penalty stack.
  5. When a tile is gobbled, then the top tile from the penalty stack can be removed and returned to the bag, or played straight away.
  6. The objective of Solitaire Gobble is to finish the game with no penalty stack after all 56 tiles have been played.

More Info

  • There are no restriction rules, so blocked gobbles are common.
  • Tiles in penalty stacks must always be kept face up to differentiate them from the player's pile.
  • Tiles given from a player's penalty stack to another player’s pile must be given face down.
  • Players are not required to stop playing whenever another player shouts Gobble.
  • You are not allowed to put a tile on another player's penalty stack.
  • Consider handicapping the strongest player by starting them off with a few extra tiles.
  • Filling a double gobble (a space surrounded by 4 tiles) entitles a player to offload two tiles, either one tile each to two separate players, or both tiles to the same player.

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