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Lobby Activity

Tantrix would like to provide you with a friendly playing environment. We cannot continously monitor all lobby activity, so your help in observing the following rules will be appreciated. If you witness rude or inappropriate behaviour in the lobby, feel free to gently point this out to the player(s) involved, or in extreme cases, report them to us and we will follow up.

The game lobby is a public place. Your comments can be read by other players, so please be polite. If somebody else's chatter is annoying you: The applet allows you to mute them. Once you have muted a player, they can no longer speak to you nor invite you to a game. Mute a player by right-clicking their name tag and selecting "Ignore chat from...". It goes without saying that we ban players who verbally abuse others. Please report them to us.

Player accounts

You are entitled to register one account per player. We reserve the right to delete multiple accounts without prior notification. Players are encouraged to be honest about their identity. When registering, please fill out the required fields genuinely or leave them blank. When selecting a player name, ask yourself "Could this name be offending to somebody else?". If the answer is yes, then it's better to choose a different nick name. Alternatively, if you prefer to play anonymously, you can log in as a guest.

Fair play

Lobby Please don't cheat. Players caught cheating are likely to be banned from the site. The most common problem is when a losing player deliberately quits the game. In this case we allow the remaining player to let Robot take over for the player who quit. This should only be done after a short wait, as the crash may well have been accidental. Most players are fair and return to resume the game immediately after crashing.

To let Robot take over, click on the menu item "Action" and "Let the Robot play for...". You can now play out the game. The score Robot achieved on behalf of the crashed player will effect their ranking as if they had finished the game themselves. If a player regularly quits games, please report them to us.

Fair play also includes respecting your opponent's time. Master and tournament games are played with a strict time limit of 15 minutes for each player. Standard lobby games have no time limit, yet most players will appreciate if you play without delays. Playing fast while making good decisions is a useful skill to develop.

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